Tuesday, January 31, 2012

10 Ways to Benefit from Executive Coaching

By Dr. Stephen Jones

Today is a time when professionals are looking for solutions to complex problems. Whether you are trying to manage a business, school district, non-profit or health care facility you can benefit from executive coaching. The number of executive coaches has grown over the past 10 years because professionals are looking for guidance that they may not be able to get in their place of employment or by taking a college course. There are many ways that coaches are providing guidance. They are offering webinars or using Skpe to see the person that they are coaching face to face. Some coaches meet with the professional once a month while others are available to the person throughout the month. An executive coach can give professional s a different perspective on how to solve problems.

There is a tremendous amount of benefits that occur as an outcome of executive coaching. Here are ten reasons that you should pursue an executive coach:

1. To increase the chances that you will effectively communicate your vision to your employees
2. To explore different solutions to complex problems
3. To continually work on your leadership skills
4. To improve your public speaking skills to engage your audience
5. To address fears about an important decision that you need to make
6. So that you can get advice on how to remain competitive
7. To obtain coaching on personal issues that you are attempting to resolve
8. To gain a better global perspective
9. To determine how to identify and hire the best employees
10. To improve your creativity in your decision making

An executive coach can help you to look forward and not focus on the past. There are ways that you can improve on your plans for the future. The professional who remains open to advice is going to have greater confidence that they are making a decision that will have good outcomes. If you are a leader of a business or a school you will often come to a place where you feel limited in your capacity to alter your organization. An executive coach can help you to promote a more flexibility work environment. This will result in employees who are more productive and invested in the success of their work.

The difficult challenge of being a leader is that professionals can sometimes feel isolated. There are professionals who feel like they are on an island all by themselves although they are surrounded by hundreds of professionals. An executive coach can help a professional to have a person who they can help to alleviate their feelings of isolation. This is one of the major benefits of the having an executive coach. It is great to have a dependable person who is getting to understand you and get you to manage from a new perspective. To discuss this further contact Dr. Stephen Jones, executive coach at 610-842-3843.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Top 7 Hot Career Trends

There are many questions about careers that seem to go unanswered. Recently it has been so difficult to narrow the fields where jobs will continue to be plentiful. Globally companies are competing for the people who can help them to deliver the goods and services that the markets need. These companies require a variety of people to fill their talent pool. The question that many students are asking is how to position their education so that a career is possible.

One of the key factors is recognizing that your education must be continuous. You must keep up on the latest trends in your field. Do you know the people who excel and get promoted because of their accomplishments? You can read about them in business journals and the internet. You are the catalyst for your future career opportunities. Don’t let others place limits on what you accomplish. Stay connected with teachers and professionals who were researching the latest trends in your field. There are seven hot careers to consider: (1) engineering, (2) nursing, (3) health care, (4) physical therapy, (5) career consultant and (6) energy technician. The opportunities in these fields will continue to grow at a steady pace into the future.

A common area to watch in each of these fields is how new technology influences the way that products and services are delivered. You will notice that new drugs and materials will shape how all of the industries interact with each other. There will be a greater need for collaboration among all of these professionals. The connections may not happen on just one continent. People will interact globally to determine how certain careers will grow.

You must be ready for change for the foreseeable future. You will use the technology to keep up with trends. The use of online courses will continue to grow and so will downloads of content that can be used to conduct training on Ipods and on cell phones. Try to pursue teleconferences where you can talk to other professionals in field. You will find that there are people who are willing to help. They can point you to resources that will help you to become more knowledgeable about your career.

Take the limits off your potential to change as your profession moves forward. Don’t allow your knowledge to become obsolete. You are in control of your career destiny. Another way to grow is by listening to books on CD. Some magazines and books have CDs that you can listen to while you are driving or working at home. You can set the pace for your career if you remain flexible to adapt to new innovations in the way that instructors in your field are thinking.

Get ready for your career to take off in a new direction every day. There are some great leaders that you can follow to succeed. The response that you receive as you expand your career options will be based on your input. Can you imagine what it would be like to know that you are making the right decision about your career? These are the ways to improve the career decisions you are making everyday. It’s time to create a bright future and a new pathway to an exciting career.